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              TheSheepSite.com- news, features, articles and disease information for the sheep industry

              All the latest news forSheep | Goats | Llamas | Alpaca

              Our Editorial Team

              5M Publishing employs a well respected and highly motivated editorial team to keep TheSheepSite.com and our other publications buzzing with the latest industry news, events and technical information.

              Please direct all editorial enquiries to newsdesk@5mpublishing.com

              5m Publishing

              Contacting our Team

              You can contact any of the team by email. The email format is firstname.lastname@5mpublishing.com.

              Submitting Your Content

              If you would like to submit a news release or technical article for consideration by our editorial team please email newsdesk@5mpublishing.com

              If you would like to submit an event listing please do so here.


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