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              Sheep Industry News: Mongolia

              03 September 2020
              Crop Industry News from Mongolia Pirbright calculates impact of foot-and-mouth disease control in Mongolia
              Researchers at The Pirbright Institute have collaborated with State Central Veterinary Laboratories (SCVL) and the General Agency for Veterinary Services (GAVS) in Mongolia to assess the impact...
              04 November 2015
              Crop Industry News from Mongolia Sheep and Goat Pox Reported in Mongolia
              MONGOLIA - Ten new outbreaks of sheep and goat pox have been reported on Mongolian sheep farms....
              22 April 2015
              Crop Industry News from Mongolia OIE: Sheep Pox Outbreaks in Mongolia
              MONGOLIA - There have been two outbreaks of sheep pox in the east of Mongolia....
              27 January 2015
              Crop Industry News from Mongolia Mass Treatment of Mongolian Sheep and Goat Pox
              MONGOLIA – Mongolia has launched a mass vaccination scheme after witnessing its first cases of sheep and goat pox for nearly two years....

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